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no business,no transaction, only for collection in same favorite interestings ,


please important notice:
we do not sell any picture, we only collect those picture for my spart time,
no transction, no inquiry, Do not use (it) for commercial/business purpose.
if unlawful use of trademark ,please send email to us, we will delete those pictures quickly, send picture link,donot send picture,we got link, we can directly open link, we only have this email and qq contacting, no other email contacting,

图片来源于网络如有侵权请私信立刻删除,本人癖好 ,纯属业余个人爱好,收集名牌图片,跟踪时代潮流,本站仅供时尚爱好者交流专用。不做商业用途。 如有侵权,请联系本人予以删除如有侵权,敬请谅解,告诉本人,本人立刻删除,

we only renew our albums every day,we do not have any wechat or whataspp, we only use Email, so you must check your emailbox at least every  24 hours .

Email: mainly use this email,  ) QQ: 2425033187

please only send picture link to us, do not send picture to us, 

after we receive your picture link, we can directly open link quickly.  

It is more easy read website and typewrite by computer by email,  

It is not easy read website and typewrite by Iphone by whatsapp,  

so We do not have whataspp, we only use Email by computer ,
best retards